Sabtu, 30 Maret 2013

Physical fitness optimization-Maximization not physical Skill

When I look at the physical fitness industry today it is painfully obvious that the industry is more interested in maximizing the expertise to build better human beings.

In essence, the fitness industry has been divided into two camps … muscle growth and aerobic capacity.

But make no mistake, physical training is to become a better man, better suited to meet the challenges of life, work and sport with excellence under most circumstances.

Physical training is not maximizing muscle growth, so it looks good on your t-shirt or the ability to sustain a long, monotonous aerobic activity.

To become a better man, you must use your physical training for fitness optimization … maximizing non-physical skill.

Optimization of physical form is the acceptable compromise and deliberate of skill and ability to perform in all areas of cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and toughness to produce optimal performance results under most circumstances

Yes … fitness optimization is understanding that true physical form is a compromise.

Your fitness level includes the ability to run using all physical abilities mentioned in a coordinated manner and seamlessly to complete any task at any point in time.

Fitness is not and should not, be measured through the maximization of physical skills of one of these abilities.

Real physical form has to do with the physical ability to perform the widest variety of tasks under the largest diversity of circumstances … does not maximize a physical ability to perform a task in controlled conditions.

Strangely, the tendency seems to be to use exercise to maximize a physical ability at the expense of all others … actually making less fit person.

If you spend all your time improving training only one facet of fitness … the weaknesses will be significantly exceed the strength.

You have become so specialized that are suitable for most cases detected in sports, work and life … and I’m sure that wasn’t your goal when you start a physical training program.

Let’s get one thing straight …

I am not against muscle growth and aerobic … I am against the fitness industry unbalanced focus on muscle growth and aerobic capacity, at the expense of true fitness.

Isolated muscle exercises run on limited motion machines combined with extended aerobic sessions is not the path of excellence, strength, conditioning and fitness … no matter what the marketing machine of the fitness industry.

Commit yourself to strength, conditioning and fitness optimization if your goal is to develop performance improvements in all 10 physical skills and produce a body that performs as good as it gets.

If your current physical fitness training program is designed to maximize physical abilities … change it!

Because there is one thing that I know for a fact …

If you have functional strength, conditioning and fitness excellence there will be moments of sport, work and life that you need … and if not, there will be times when you wish you did.

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